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Self-load holster EFA-2K / EKP01

Self-load holster EFA-2K / EKP01

  • Brand: ANA
  • Product Code: 14430-01
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  • 83.00€

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Through action holster «EFA-2K»:

Holster «EFA-2K" is designed to be worn on the belt and quick to bring on full alert with one hand Makarov pistol (PM), IL-71, IZH79-9T "MAKARYCH."

Fig. 1: gun, put the safety on, embedded in a holster, the valve is closed. The cartridge is in the holder.

Fig. 2, Fig. 3: When promoting gun down until it stops automatically opens the valve, fuse switches to the firing position, the cartridge is supplied on a line chambering.

Fig. 4: If you remove the gun from the bottom of the holster holder shall be sent to the chamber.

Fig. 5: The gun is shown in full combat readiness:

- The fuse is turned off;

- Cartridge is in the chamber;

- The hammer is cocked.

Note: if the cartridge chamber already have, it will be thrown out the window for the extraction cartridges, and in its place will be served fresh. The whole procedure takes a fraction of a second.

It is strictly prohibited:

- To put the gun back in its holster, do not put the safety catch;

- Make a shot from a pistol, invested in the holster;

- To invest in the holster than the above models;

- Bring the holster close to open fire;

- Expose the holster to excessive mechanical, thermal loads.


- Check the reliability of locking after insertion into the holster;

- To use an additional safety strap that secures the handle of the gun to the waist belt;

- Avoid mechanical damage to the internal surfaces of the holster;

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