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Neoprene gloves Walrus

Neoprene gloves Walrus

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 17638-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 44.00€

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Gloves for water sports

Heavy neoprene

Kevlar coating on the palm

drop-cuff sling is tightened firmly to the "Velcro"


  • 100% neoprene thickness - 3 mm

  • Gain on the palm - Kevlar & trade;

    In the cold water hand quickly lose sensitivity and mobility, especially if the work they are not too active, such as fishing, canyoning, while riding on water skiing, wakeboarding or sailing catamaran trips. But during the long rowing hand accounts

    not sweet.

    Neoprene gloves "Walrus" able to protect them from hypothermia. Increased elasticity of neoprene gloves in conjunction with their anatomical shape helps whenever needed full control of the situation. Convenient "grip" the gloves makes them originally "sharpened" under the paddle surfing boom or wheel scooter, which significantly reduces the power of hands.

    Neoprene - a type of synthetic rubber - chloroprene rubber. Foam rubber is used for the suits of "wet type", based on the principle of which is not an absolute isolation from the water, and that has got into the water is heated to the temperature of the human body.

    From the bruises and cuts the hand protects a dense, non-slip coating on the palm of kevlar. Kevlar protects not only the hands, but also significantly extends the life of the gloves themselves, making them durable and resistant to mechanical stress.

    Kevlar ™ - para-aramid (polyparaphenylene terephthalamide) fibers sold by DuPont, which has high strength (five times stronger than steel, the tensile strength & sigma; 0 = 3620 MPa), with an equal weight of its cut resistance in five times higher compared with the skin. Strong, tough, dimensionally stable fiber has high heat resistance and chemical stability.

    The high cuff gloves firmly tightened sling to "Velcro", blocking access to the water.

    Good luck in your hands when your hands warm!

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