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Police's summery suit (type A)

Police's summery suit (type A)

  • Brand: ANA
  • Product Code: 14524-01
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Summer suit in dark blue with red piping for police officers with a special rank of police, type A.

The suit consists of a jacket and trousers.

Jacket direct silhouette with front zip on the "lightning."

The seams pritachivaniya flirts forehand and back edge is red. Before with ventilation inserts under the armhole of a mesh knitted fabric.

Jacket with slits in the side seams.

On the left pocket in the middle of the width of the side of the crease and fold scribbled bracket with the hole on the left 9,0h9,5 cm from the lower edge of the pocket for attaching the badge.

At the upper edge of the right breast pocket on the front and reverse side of textile fasteners attached (the side with the hinges) mounted removable pocket badge with the insertion of a transparent film.

Above the upper-left flap pocket at a distance of 0.7 cm from the line scribbled textile pritachivaniya valve closure (the side with the hinges) size 115 x 35 mm for fastening chest stripe "police" in size 110 x 30 mm.

The costumes upper pockets with flaps, fastened with a button and two pieces of textile fasteners.

In the middle of the back at a distance of 1.0 cm from the seam pritachivaniya coquette scribbled textile fastener (the side with the hinges) size 280 x 90 mm for mounting patch "police" in size 275 x 85 mm.

Turn-down collar.

Double-seam sleeves with stitched cuffs fastened with a button. In connection joints with sleeves at the shoulder armholes Stitch shoulder straps with removable sleeve, snap-button. On the inside of the sleeves scribbled strap, framed Neaten loops and buttons (for fixing the length of the sleeves tucked in the state).

To fix Patches on the sleeves on the jacket 80 mm from doused sleeves nastrachivayutsya textile fasteners (the side with the hinges).

Flirt forehand and back lining. On the left side is the forehand internal patch pocket, fastened with a loop and a button.

Pants with stitched waistband, side pockets in the cut-off portion of the front halves, the left rear slotted pocket with piping and a valve is fastened to the inner curtain loops and buttons, with the notches in the side seams.

On the waistband of his trousers are seven belt loops.

Waistband fastens with a loop and a button, codpiece - to braid "lightning."

On the back halves of trousers on top of the step wedge seam is a mesh knitted fabric.

The loose ends are tied on shtripok buttons located on the side seams from the inside of the pants.

The waist, belt loops, pocket flap and frame finishing line is laid at a distance of 0.1-0.2 cm from the edge. On the side pockets stitch finishing line at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge.

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