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Scarf fleece Polartec & Power Stretch& Pro

Scarf fleece Polartec & Power Stretch& Pro

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 16531-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 29.00€

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Marine scarf fits snugly neck and well covers the shoulders and chest, leaving no loophole cold

Made of soft elastic material


  • Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro ™ Technical Bi-component Group: Nylon / Poly Velour - Solid

  • The density of the material - 240 g / m2


    • Review site "Russel-and"

    • Once the material: pdf in Russian (2,1 MB)

      «Yacht thrown from wave to wave, she abruptly takes off, and then we will for a brief moment saw tracts of ice giants already have taken us in the environment, but in the next moment she fell down between the dark wall of water, which died a blizzard raging blizzard. " (G.Karpenko. "Sailing to Antarctica».

      You can experience a scarf and her courage in such conditions among the salt spray and under the icy wind, you can sit with a fishing rod from the hole immediately protracted, can just go to the rink. Wherever you take it, it will not fail.

      Made of fluffy on the inside, elastic Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro ™ scarf windproof, tight facilitate the throat and gently warming the shoulders and chest. He will not get off, even with the active movement, blocking the way the cold, snow and wind.

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