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Trousers summer Airborne

Trousers summer Airborne

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 17633-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 55.00€

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pants suit from a special parachute units

On the buttons

The belt is adjustable in size using the side gum

A premium for the convenience of wearing the belt of ammunition on the belt

loops for a waist belt

The reinforcing plates with softening inset on my knees (photo A)

Mesh ventilation in the groin area

The bottom trousers with elastic

at the bottom of trouser cuffs slimming tape that prevents debris in the shoes


  • 2 side pockets and 2 pockets on the thighs with a bend top, which prevents spontaneous loss items

  • 1 pocket under the knife 2 back pockets


    • 100% Cotton

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        Разработанный to parachute piece suit, it was very convenient for tourists. All ground under a parachute and a good backpack.

        Robust dense canvas cloth that has been seated and have increased resistance to fading. Canvas breathes, protects against wind and water, is not afraid of fire (if you do not dry your clothes on a campfire cable) and insect bites through.

        The jacket free cut does not restrict movement and devoid of protruding parts. Due to the absence of the lower pockets, it can be worn as trousers and tucked into pants.

        The characteristic for uniform buttons.

        The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in size.

        Two front pockets and convenient side access pockets on the sleeves reserved valves. Inside pocket for documents made of water-repellent fabric.

        Ventilation in the most overheated areas in the jacket and pants provides a mesh fabric.

        The most intense (elbows and knees) are enhanced with additional overlays (on his knees with a softening inset).

        pants with high elastic bands adjustable belt straps and a wide belt and comfortable to wear on the belt allow the necessary ammunition.

        The free leg, drawstring bottoms of the legs allows to move freely on the most inaccessible places and protect shoes from getting into the trash.

        The restraint jacket is compensated by the abundance of pockets on the trousers. Inset side pockets with a simple and familiar, two back pockets with flaps, two front with flaps in front of the hips and a pocket under the knife. You can place all of the necessary salt, matches, maps, compass and GPS to the horns of the machine.

        Durable, comfortable, breathable, unpretentious suit is a reliable protection of the forest and in the air.

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