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Jacket BDU Plus

Jacket BDU Plus

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 17579-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $73

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The upgraded version of the BDU jacket based BDU Raid and MCCUU. Fully buttoned, zips and Velcro (except mounting chevrons and tape name) is not used

It is worn tucked or untucked

The body pritalen

Free, the freedom of movement cut

Gain elbows rectangular plates of tissue

Compared to the original suit BDU jacket slightly shortened to the required length, with the back a little bit extended, the waist is not laid bare slopes at

The central button closure, extended down compared to the BDU for convenience. The top button is fastened above so turndown expanded neater than the BDU

Stand-up collar (protects the neck from rubbing body armor), fastened with a button. It can be worn as a turn-down. At the base sewn on the inside of hanger

patami cuffs buttoned. In contrast to the BDU, cuffs fewer unnecessary layers of fabric that make them softer and more comfortable in hot weather. To adjust buttons sewn in three positions - completely loose cuffs, wide and narrow wrist. If necessary, these buttons can be to alter the arm by

Above the breast pockets sewn Velcro tape name to

Are supplied detachable shoulder straps, falshpogony and buttons for fastening them. Sewn yourself

The main seams - zaposhivochnye (the castle), with chain stitch, a lot of tacks in a zigzag-laden areas


  • two breast pockets. The volume is very large width and height compared to the BDU. Spacious, with easy access to content both hands

  • In the valve base of the left breast pocket has a narrow slot and internal pocket for pens

  • two pockets on the shoulders. Volumetric have optimal dimensions and angle of inclination. Large Velcro for fixing chevrons

  • In set two plugs for large Velcro arm-pockets - Velcro response, the main fabric trimmed costume. Plug monotonous Velcro closing a large area, which stands out from the tissue, especially in camouflage performance

  • pockets with flaps on the two buttons, valves truncated corners (less ottopyrivayutsya not interfere) in contrast to a simple rectangular as in the BDU. At the bottom of all the pockets Neaten loop for drainage of water

  • the bottom of the BDU pockets on the body removed for wearing comfort of modern equipment and the possibility of a jacket tucked into trousers


    • Strong rip-stop, 53% cotton, 47% polyester


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