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Shingle Saiga / Boar 12 8 and 10 rds

Shingle Saiga / Boar 12 8 and 10 rds

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 16799-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $36

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  • Slings: 100% nylon

  • Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands), nylon filament bondirovannye

  • Material:

    Cordura® 500d (100% nylon)

    Hypalon ORCA® (Belgium)

    Weight: g

  • Accessories: Duraflex® ->

  • Weight: 133 g

    * Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design, materials and assembly of its products without prior notice

    Shingle under 8 and 10 round magazine Saiga-12 or Boar-12

    • Mounting: System UniClick third generation. Two built-in clip. For mounting on the classical system PALS / MOLLE must be two cell width and two to three horizontal rows of cells in the height

    • Note! The upper strap on the back wall of the pouch, contrasting different color from the rest of the sling UniClick, not involved in the installation of pouches and fasteners used to attach the pouch

    • Pouch is designed for a tight fit of the store. It is recommended to place the lid up shop

    • Removable adjustable buckle in 4 mm elastic cord and oven mitts, pressing on top of the store. To remove the store you need to take manners sideways. Cord length is regulated by the unit on the rear wall of the pouch (cord wraps contrast sling). Cord length with a margin that takes into account the height of the 10-round magazine Saiga-12 or Boar-12 and ease of setting. Manners of heavy-duty material Hypalon (analogue tissue Sordura® 1060d, laminated on both sides with artificial rubber), non-slip manners with respect to the store and fingers

    • In this haversack manners wider compared with submachine counterparts because of the large size stores 12 gauge

    • Removable adjustable utjazhki of 4 mm elastic cord, bow shop across. Length utjazhki regulated by the side of the pouch assembly. The length of cord with a reserve, taking into account the convenience of tying. Allows you to hold tight shop without using a fastener (for quick access)

    • The front wall of the pocket of two layers Cordura® 500d, between which is sewn a piece of plastic. Plastic support form the pocket, making it easy insertion and removal of the shop, and does not greatly deform the elastic cord to pull the front wall, which could hamper the introduction of shop inside

    • The outer surface of cells sheathed PALS for mounting additional pouches. The front surface 2 of the cell in width, 3 rows in height on each lateral surface on one cell wide by 3 rows in height. Instead of using a tape slings, made of several layers of the fabric (Cordura® 500d). It is not inferior to the conventional lines of strength and provides a consistent look pouch, especially in camouflaged versions. Cells PALS positioned so that the top of them by an addition of the same shingle, both layers of pouches and stores are at the same height

    • The back wall is made of fabric Cordura® 500d lined with durable slip resistant Hypalon, helps keep the store without the use of fasteners, if necessary, quick access

    • All the tissue sections and straps edged for safety and neat appearance

    • At the bottom there is a grommet for drainage of water


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