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Jacket Anorak-2 tarpaulin

Jacket Anorak-2 tarpaulin

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 17769-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $73

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Vacant cut

High stand-up collar

Fixed hood adjustable volume and oval face

Front kangaroo pocket, located above the belt of the rucksack

The cuffs of sleeves with elastic

utjazhki hem

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    Брезентовые jackets - this is an old love that does not fade with age, in contrast to his material embodiment. True, the faded canvas anoraks and jackets became even dearer and more able to talk about his master, especially if the jacket read the following from the endless insurances and rappels. The mysterious phrase Igor Sidorov «Vyshtopan avalanches on a treacherous trail of jackets» in the hearts of "a painful sense of the road", the smell of snow and frosty air, memories of some unearthly friendship and respect for each other.

    Even in this age of rapid development of outdoor technologies to the "forest" of people hard to come up clothes better. Light, "breathing" without frosting jackets made of synthetic fabrics replaced the tarp in the mountains, retreating in confusion when a hot burning fire.

    «Anorak-2" made of high quality canvas, which also touched on high technology. It's all the same "thick linen, half-linen or cotton fabric impregnated with impermeable and antiseptic compositions," but it has become so light and thin that at first glance it is difficult to understand that before you tarp.

    However - this is it, with all the positive qualities of the canvas.

    Canvas breathes well, it protects against wind and light rain (in heavy rain need more protection) or snow. Additionally, tarpaulins has properties such as fire resistance, rot resistance and abrasion resistance, has high strength, high wear resistance. When wet flax swells greatly, even increasing the strength and water resistance of the sheet.

    The disadvantage is that the tarp frosting in the cold, and when wet it becomes very hard for a long time to dry.

    «Anorak-2" - is a classic anorak free cut with kangaroo front pocket, which is located above the belt of the backpack.

    The pocket consists of the bulk department, which are two side entrances and a small office with a protected valve top entry.

    High stand-up collar, combined with adjustable height and oval face hood covers the entrance to the wind and insects. Protection from wind and cold also contribute utjazhki hem and gathered elastic cuffs on.

    Durable lightweight windproof jacket that is not afraid of sparks from the fire and impenetrable thickets and protects against mosquitoes and gnats.

    Carry on health.

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