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Padded shoulder straps belts

Padded shoulder straps belts

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 16795-04
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  • 28.75€

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A joint project of the company "Fusion" and the company "Tactical Solutions" (Vladimir Harlampo, creator of the tactical weapon belt "Debt-M1", "M2-Duty" and the newest belt "Debt-M3"). Shoulder straps for comfortable wearing long gun belt widths up to 40 mm. When developing into account the experience and wishes of special forces

  • Pogon is compatible with most seat width specified, in particular the duty of the belt-M2, M3-Duty (shoulder strap included) and a standard strap AK

  • The product is designed so as to minimize pressure on the neck and shoulder, eliminate chafing. To do this, the width of the minimum necessary (5 cm), and on the edges of principle, there are no stitches or edging. The shell is made of lightweight overhead fabric Cordura® 500d, which gives a softer surface for the skin than a standard denim 1060d. Inside is a semi-rigid foam 1 cm thick, which allows to distribute the load on the shoulders and neck, the edges of the ring and give a rounded shape

  • All the edges of the fabric at the seams hidden inside, along the shoulder strap through the top (which prevents the migration of foam) stitched sling 30 mm

  • To select the optimal length of the shoulder strap (60 cm), taking into account the active work with the belt. The ends of the ring are rounded to reduce the engagement of the items of equipment

  • The entire length of the shoulder strap sewn five special detachable fasteners, eliminating the need for disassembly of the belt, overhead installation easy and quick. Each fastener is a Velcro system, engaging with one another in three layers, which gives a high reliability attachment

  • You can customize the weapons belt so that it rested against the edge of the hardware fasteners, thus limiting the slippage along the overhead

      Installation instructions:

      1. Make sure that the belt is mounted on the weapon is properly adjusted, put it on yourself and determine the optimal location of soft overhead

      2. Unzip all the fasteners on the pursuit. Put the belt on top of the desired area of ??the shoulder straps, center position of the belt across the width of the shoulder strap

      3. Each buckle series fasten with three Velcro so that they are tightly covered belt

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