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Stainless steel pot

Stainless steel pot

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 18009-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $37

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Made of stainless steel

It is possible to stir the salad, to keep live fish or collect it in mushrooms and berries, but a fire - a place where it is indispensable.

A pot of stainless steel combines all that is required of the container for cooking in field conditions. It is lightweight, durable, thanks to the oval shape of logical packed in a backpack and is securely mounted on the trivet.

A rigid steel handle with a deflection at a hook makes the process as safe as possible suspension or removal of the pot.

The dense cover accelerates the cooking process, protects against dust, and also can serve as a frying pan.

The proposed range of sizes (from 2.2 x up to 18 liters) allows you to select the desired amount, based on the size of the group (usually calculated at about 0.5 liters per person plus 25%). Taking a different degree of kettles for tea and a meal, you will be able to put them into each other, which greatly saves space.

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