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Kang stainless steel

Kang stainless steel

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 17953-04
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  • $30

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Made of stainless steel

The best time to hike (especially for lazy people and gluttons), when the camp is already set, sawed wood, lit a fire, and the fire kana buzzing, echoing the cod branches and mosquito hum.

Kang stainless steel combines all that is required of the container for cooking in field conditions. It is lightweight, durable, thanks to the oval shape of logical packed in a backpack and is securely mounted on the trivet.

A rigid steel handle makes the process as safe as possible suspension or removal eland, and with high walls reduces the likelihood of accidental spilling liquid on the fire.

The proposed range of sizes (from 2 to 10 liters) allows you to select the desired amount, based on the size of the group (usually calculated at about 0.5 liters per person plus 25%). Taking a different degree of kana tea and food, you will be able to invest in each other, which greatly saves space.

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