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Set of dishes Iron cook Camp Track

Set of dishes Iron cook Camp Track

  • Brand: SPLAV
  • Product Code: 17896-04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $64

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  • Removable handle for frying weight: 108 g

  • Pan-cap d = 265, h = 35 mm; Weight: 264 g

  • large pan d = 275, h = 120 mm; Volume: 5,5 l; Weight: 645 g

  • Casserole with lid average d = 205, h = 95 mm; Volume: 2,5 l; Weight: 387 g + 124

  • small saucepan with lid d = 145, h = 70 mm; volume: 1 L; Weight: 190 g + 68

  • The number of items: 7

  • Total weight: 1793

  • Material: stainless steel

    Нержавеющая utensils with copper plating bottom has excellent heat-conducting ability and the food is cooked much faster

    All the thoughtful and logical is usually nice, and the dishes gives aesthetic pleasure - it is not only convenient, but also a pleasure to cook.

    The function set of dishes made of stainless steel with copper plating bottom consists of three pots (5.5 liters, 2.5 liters, 1 liter) and pans, weighs - 1793 and allows free to cook dinner for a group of 6-7 people.

    Copper on the bottom of the dish increases thermal conductivity, thereby reducing the cooking time.

    Pots stacked "Matryoshka" is both a pan and cover the biggest of them. Thus, in the packed state utensil occupies a volume of one liter pots 5.5.

    fitting lid, accelerate the process of preparation and to protect the contents from dust and insects.

    Removable handle pans connected to it quickly and reliably.

    Thanks to the steel body of dishes and design of handles, set suitable for gas cookers and burners, and for the fire.

    Using the «Iron cook Camp» Track you will always enjoy the cooking.

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